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Rudman HGH study

It was research conducted by doctor Daniel Rudman that provided the first ground-breaking approach to truly understanding the effects of HGH upon the human body. This was an extremely reliable double-blind study, in which doctor Rudman injected a reasonably large group of male patients with HGH to observe the results thereof. The group varied in age from between 60 to 80, and these were the results observed of administering HGH injection to them. The HGH injections were administered over a period of six months, and during that time it was observed that the aging process actually seemed to be reversed in a considerable number of the patients or at least retarded in the vast majority.

The control group in this study, of course, did not receive any HGH injections, and in this control group the usual processes of aging were seen to continue. However, results observed in those who were administered HGH, were nothing less than groundbreaking. On average, all of them showed an increase in muscle mass of up to 9% and a considerable reduction in an excess body weight of up to 14,5 % . The health of the skin increased along with its elasticity and there were considerable increases in bone density observed as well. Beside these, it was observed that the group receiving HGH seemed to have vastly increased amounts of energy and also seemed to have a very positive mental outlook and a general feeling of well being. It was inevitable that both medical practitioners, as well as the average layman should be interested in results of this study, because it seemed that at last science had found at least partial answer to the aging process in the shape of human growth hormone.

Since the time of Dr. Rudman’s study, many alternative treatments have been claimed by practitioners around the world, often with no clear medical study to back them up. But not all these treatments work, and not all of them are safe. In other words, many of these so called human growth hormone products were nothing less than questionable, and of course the Food and Drug Administration has stepped in to ban a great many of these products and also to make a clear statement that Dr. Rudman study should not be taken as supporting any of the products then on the market. A great many manufacturers of so called HGH products were also shut down by the Food and Drug Administration. Yet there are still HGH supplements on the market today.

Many of these are not injectable, but instead are even safer to use than HGH injections. Now, HGH injections, such as those used by Dr. Rudman, sometimes have certain unpleasant side effects, which vary from person to person. However, modern manufacturers of HGH supplements have developed ways to make the body enhance its own levels of HGH production. This means than rather use synthetic HGH and artificially boost HGH levels within the human body, which can have deleterious side effects, modern manufacturers of HGH supplements instead boost the body’s production of natural HGH. Since this HGH is naturally produced by the body itself, it has no side effects. The cells of the pituitary gland are stimulated to produce much higher levels of human growth hormone, much as they used to do when the person concerned was young. In this way, many of the goals achieved by Dr. Rudman can be achieved by laymen on the street safely and naturally, and just as importantly, legally, and at a fraction of the price HGH injections would cost.

How long does it take for these releasers to take effect? Well, there are people who report very positive effects from even a short term use of these releasers.

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