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The science behind HGH

Well, there is a lot of excitement about the possibilities of HGH therapy, and there is also a lot of misunderstanding in the use of all the possible applications of human growth hormone. Many people think of it as an external substance that is injected into the body, perhaps analogous to steroids. The reality couldn’t be further from the truth. HGH is in face a substance produced naturally within our own bodies all through our lives, and HGH supplementation therapy merely boosts levels of HGH within our bodies when they fall in a manner that is actually unhealthy.

HGH levels are highest in the early years of our youth, during the teenage years, and then remain high through the twenties to about the age of thirty, after which they fall steadily all through one’s life. You will see in this pattern the very pattern of the aging process in humans, where a human being has the greatest energy, physical fitness and mental activity, as well as the most positive mindset up to the age of thirty and experiences loss of function of various kinds after that age, loss of function which continues to increase through the rest of a person’s life.


As a matter of fact, as we’ll go into more detail later, studies have established a clear link between HGH levels within a person’s body and that person’s apparent biological age. Boosting HGH levels in several studies have had fairly incredible results, even going so far as to reverse the effects of aging to a considerable extent. So, what have the studies done that clearly linked HGH levels in the blood stream to the natural process of aging? Well, one of the most famous studies done on this subject was the study done by Doctor Daniel Rudman in the year 1991.
Doctor Daniel Rudman and his team examined 12 men whose ages ranged from 60 to 80 years. They injected these men with dosages of human growth hormone over a period of six months, with some fairly astonishing results. On average, these men lost about 12 % of excess weight and gained between 8 to 10% of lean muscle mass. Their bone density was also much higher than is usual in their age group, and their skin became more youthful. Their hair became more healthy as well, an in certain cases even regained their original color tone. In effect, in some of the subjects nearly 10 years of aging were reversed, according to Doctor Rudman.

Other studies have also been done on HGH.

If you refer to the ‘Disease prevention and life extension foundation’, you will find that it is observed that people who take in an excess of carbohydrates produce an excess of insulin, and this insulin tends to suppress human growth hormone levels with resulting detrimental effects upon the body.

In ‘Brain Longevity’ by Dharma Singh Khalsa, you will find, if you refer to page 414, that the doctor concerned said that human growth hormone had helped many of his patients to feel better both mentally and physically, as well as helping them to lose weight. Doctor Khalsa nevertheless notes that synthetic HGH injections are so expensive that they are beyond the reach of most patients.

There are a good many other studies done on the subject, and you will find references to the beneficial facts of HGH in considerable proportion of the medical literature on the subject. For example, in ‘Stay Healthy With Nutrition’ by Doctor Elson M Haas, Doctor Haas notes that L-arginine, which is a constituent of sytropin, clearly stimulates the pituitary gland into higher level of production of HGH, provided that the dose of L-arginine is about 3 gm every day. Doctor Haas also notes that HGH certainly seem to aid in the building of muscle and in enhanced muscular strength, as well as better tone in the muscles. He also notes that the body metabolizes fat much faster under effects of L-arginine.

We should refer one more study, this done on a selections of professional weight lifters over six weeks of training. At the end of six weeks those lifters receiving HGH had shed up to four times more weight than is normal under such training and had gained more than four times the muscle that is normal under a similar training routine.

The processes by which human growth hormone works within the body:

You may not know it, but human growth hormone is produced quite naturally within the body’s pituitary gland. The hormone then goes on to spread through the blood stream and to interact with the tissue receptors all through the body. Among the many organs stimulated by HGH is the liver, which then goes on to produce a special insulin like growth factor, this growth factor being known as IGF-1. IGF-1 is responsible for the production of cartilage cells, and as such is crucial to the health of the joints. It can also help in an increase of muscle mass, as well as in development of strong bones.

Human growth hormone itself contains over one hundred and ninety one amino acids, and directly affects bone density as well. It also regulates the metabolism and boosts the body’s ability to replicate and repair cells. It is this ability of HGH to control the rate at which the body replicates and repairs cells that is the crucial factor that enables HGH to so effectively counter the aging process. Incidentally, it is not just cosmetic changes that HGH affects, such as the skin or the hair, but also the health of your internal organs. Since HGH enables the body to replicate cells faster, it means that all the organs of the body then tend to be younger and healthier. And of course, since the HGH boosts the body’s metabolism, it naturally enhances the body’s ability to shed excess fat. Unfortunately, in the average human being, HGH levels begin to drop drastically after the age of thirty. At this point, all the benefits that HGH confers begin to be lost, and the primary one of these being its ability to boost the speed at which the body replicates and replaces sells. As body loses its ability to replicate and replace cells, it begins to slow down, and problems and issues begin to occur in the various organs.

The skin loses its elasticity, the hair begins to grow faded, wrinkles appear, the bones tend to lose density, the body’s metabolism begins to slow down, causing a loss of muscle mass and a tendency to put on excess weight. All this is linked to the loss of the benefits, conferred by high levels of hgh. As high levels of hgh drop after the age of thirty, so do the signs of aging begin to advance. However, if the hgh levels can be kept high, then these signs and aspects of aging will simply not occur. Which brings us to synthetic hgh injections. Now, when the benefits of hgh became apparent, people went in for courses of synthetic hgh injections. At this time, synthetic hgh requires an extremely complex process to create it, and therefore is extremely expensive. Moreover, an overdose of synthetic hgh can lead to extremely dangerous side effects and even disfigurement. Under such circumstances, there is strong legislature in most nations that bars a person from using synthetic hgh injections except under medical circumstances. That is to say, that the law will only allow you to use synthetic hgh injections if you’re suffering from an unnatural deficiency of hgh. The law does not recognize the natural deficiency of hgh that occurs as a result of aging, and therefore synthetic hgh injections are not available legally to the majority of patients. Of course, these injections might be obtained under a prescription, but that sort of prescription is not easy to obtain.

Is there really an alternative to hgh injections? Surprisingly, the answer is yes. There is an alternative to injecting synthetic hgh into your body, and that alternative is to stimulate your body to produce higher levels of hgh on its own. After all, your body does produce hgh all through your life, the only problem being that hgh tends to drop off after the age of thirty. But what if you could stimulate your body’s pituitary gland to maintain the production of the hgh well into middle age. This could be done through the use of special hgh releasers like sytropin. These hgh releasers contain a mix of essential ingredients that directly stimulate the pituitary gland into producing the body’s own natural hgh. Under such circumstances, these hgh releasers are perfectly safe to use and indeed are completely legal. Best of all, they tend to offer many of the same benefits as hgh injections, albeit at a slower pace. That is to say that the hgh releasers will work slower than injections, but this is offset by the fact that hgh releasers are completely safe as opposed to the injections which have the serious issue of side effects. Some of the benefits of using hgh releasers include a reversal of many signs of aging, as well as a considerable decrease in levels of fatigue and considerable increase in levels of energy. The functioning of the mind is also enhanced, since hgh benefits neurotransmitter activity. You’ll find that you have better cognitive capability, better memory processes and even that you are less liable to depression. Since hgh directly affects cell replication and replacement, skin tone is improved and wrinkles tend to disappear, as well as improving the health of the hair. But these are cosmetic changes. In reality, high levels of hgh and better cell replication improve the health of all the organs of the body, leading to a higher basic standard of health. Beside these, there is a greater tendency to build lean muscles since many anabolic processes are put into place by hgh. You’ll also find that you have an improved metabolism, which means that the body can more easily shed excess weight. The immune system is also benefited, which means that the body has a greater resistance to injury and disease, and this, combined with the cell replication rates enhanced by hgh, means that the body is not only more resistant to injury and disease, but also can recover from them far more quickly. Today, many athletes around the world, as well as many strength trainers believe in the use of hgh releasers to improve their capabilities and fitness, and so also do many middle aged people around the world. This is because hgh releasers and the higher levels of hgh that they provide lead to better success in achieving your fitness goals, as well as a higher standard and quality of life.

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