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If you’re considering HGH supplementation injections, you would do well to be aware that there can be serious side effects. The real issue, of course, is not with the HGH supplementation itself, but rather with the fact that an overdose of HGH can lead to all sorts of malfunctions in the body, and a course of injections can very easily lead to such an overdose. As a matter of fact, the dangers of overdosing on HGH are so serious that a good many countries all over the world have strong laws barring the use of HGH supplementations, except in very specific cases. However, if you are still interested in benefits of HGH supplements, there are ways in which you can supplement on HGH safely, and we’ll try to make you aware of them here.

So why is everyone so excited about HGH? Well, it all started a few years back in the 1990s when studies found a definite link between HGH supplementation and a retarding of the aging process. Subjects who were supplemented with HGH injections, showed a considerable increase in lean muscle mass, tendency to lose weight, high energy levels, better mental acuity and even a smoothening out of wrinkles, better skin tone and healthier hair. I might mention that most of the subjects of this study were between the ages of 50 and 60. That said, medical researchers around the world began to see a link between levels of HGH and the aging process.

In youth, that is to say up to the age of 30, HGH levels are high and the body shows a proportionate tendency to maintain the characteristics of youth, which are, of course, strength, agility, endurance and even good skin tone and healthy hair. After the age of thirty, however, HGH levels tend to fall in most people and this leads to a decrease of their ability of the body cells to regenerate themselves, and can cause the body’s systems to start failing. HGH levels continue to drop all through a person’s life, and the aging process progresses proportionally. Now you see why there is so much excitement over the possibility of HGH supplementation. If you boost HGH levels to what they were in a person’s youth, many of the previously thought of as inevitable characteristics of aging tend to disappear.

However, as I have said earlier, HGH injections are certainly not the path that most people would prefer to take, bearing as they do the risk of a serious overdose that can lead to various unacceptable complications. Moreover, there is usually serious legislation in place barring the use of HGH injections, and most people would not wish to go to the black market or to break the law to access HGH supplementation therapy. Just how serious are the side effects of HGH injections? Well, even a minor overdose from an HGH injection can cause severe pain in the joints, as well as in the muscles of the body, and serious complications with the nerves. Massive inflammations and infections can also occur, especially at the site of the injection. Fluids might collect within the tissues of the body. A person might experience a general numbness and a weakening of the tendons in various crucial parts of the body.

There are other extremely dangerous complications that could arise from the use of HGH injections. For example, if a person is suffering from any form of cancer, the HGH injections will promote the growth of that cancer just as they promote self replication in ordinary tissue. HGH injections can also lead to considerable disfigurement, as they cause both the face and the hands, as well as the limbs to grow disproportionally, leading a person to begin to look like a caricature of their original self.

So, is there a path to a safe HGH therapy? And the answer is yes, there is indeed a safe path to HGH therapy, bearing in mind the fact that we have HGH in our blood streams all through our lives. It is in face secreted quite naturally by the body’s pituitary gland. Therefore, a safer method than artificially injecting synthetic HGH to bodies is to use HGH releasers like sytropin, which will boost production of HGH within the body’s own pituitary gland, allowing a person to benefit from all the advantages of normal levels of HGH, and the extended use that they confer without any possibility of the dangerous side effects of HGH injections.

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